Dennis Archer

President & CEO of Ignition Media Group

Continuous and never-ending improvement. Just one of the many valuable takeaways I gleaned from Pumptitude. The simple approach you took in introducing the book’s many important lessons, coupled with your colorful anecdotes, made it a very pleasant read. I wish my law school books were as interesting! …

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Mike Lipkin

Motivational Speaker and Author

I have just spent the last four hours reading Maximum Pumptitude. It’s fabulous. I feel as though I’ve had an inspiration transfusion. Thank you for four precious hours of maximum learning and enjoyment. I will pay it forward….

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Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman

Carolyn G. Goodman

Mayor, Las Vegas, Nevada

Oscar joins me in thanking you both for the copies of Pumptitude and Maximum Pumptitude! He is reading one, and I the other, enjoying all the life tidbits and motivational enthusiasm. They’re grand.

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Brian Tracy

Leading Self-Development Author

Congratulations on another terrific book! It is like crack. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. You have distilled so many great ideas for success and happiness in one place (again!) that I don’t know where to start…

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Photo of Colin Donnelly

Colin Donnelly

Former Senior Vice-President of Merchandising, The Brick

I’m not trying to pumptitude your ego, I’m just being honest. I turned every page, enjoying each story, each motivational reminder, new quotes, old quotes…

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Tracie Werblow Granata

GM, Bay Athletic Club

I read in Kim’s book that, ‘Millions of people wake up every morning and say that they want change,’ and I can say that I have been among those millions at many times in my life, in many different areas of my life. What better place to make change and take an interest in changing than making a commitment with your new husband on your way to your honeymoon…

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Jon Gadbois

Director of Marketing, Boston Inc.

Thank you for all that you’ve already given me. It has taken me to new heights in both my personal and occupational life. I feel as if you’ve already begun to mentor me through your books. You’re an inspiration to me as a fellow retail man, and as a lifelong learner…

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